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27 March 2012 @ 07:50 pm
J2 Non Au Fics  

Forced Acting
Summery: Jared and Jensen are kidnapped and forced to act out scenes from their captors favourite fanfic stories. They learn something about each other along the way.

(Forced Acting)


Each Time Verse

First Time
Summery: Jensen is not in the best of moods, a long week of Purgatory scenes combined with a heavy shooting schedule and he just wants to go home. Jared however, finds it rather funny to keep messing with Ty in the last scene of the day. Jensen decides it’s time for some payback.

(First Time)

Second Time
Summary: It’s been two weeks since Jensen took control of Jared and punished him and Jared wants it again. Jensen however, seems oblivious to this, so Jared takes it upon himself to earn punishment; but will things go too far?

(Second Time)

Third Time
Summary: After the events in “Second Time”, Jared and Jensen, feeling more confident after their discussion, spend the weekend playing.

(Third Time)

Fourth Time
Summary: Jared injures himself doing too much, so Jensen decides he needs to be punished to remind the Sub who he belongs to.

(Fourth Time)


I Have Your Back
Summary: A new director sent from the CW causes problems for Jared. This does not go down well with the other cast and crew.

(I Have Your Back)

TiS-BG-sm (1)

Trouble in Sydney WIP
Summary: Jared is really looking forward to a Supernatural Convention in Australia and even has Jensen and the rest of his co stars excited for it too but once they get there things take a turn for the worst when a group of displeased fans organise an attack on Jared.

(Trouble in Sydney)


It Hurts Us All
Summary: Something is wrong with Jared. He is doing the scenes and nailing them but something isn’t right and it affects his co-stars. You don’t realise how much one person makes your work day better until they are not themselves.

(It Hurts Us All)


Summary: From this prompt over at spnkink_meme
Jared and Jensen are in an established, loving Dom/sub relationship, and they're very open with each other about the kinks that they want to try out. One day, Jared confesses that he really gets off on the idea that he could say their safeword and Jensen would ignore him and do whatever he wants.They set up a fake safeword for Jared to use during one of their scenes, but because Jared wants it to feel as real as possible, he convinces Jensen that their usual safeword should be the fake one, and the temporary safeword should be their "effective" safeword during the scene. During the scene, Jensen does something that triggers Jared, and he starts panicking and saying their safeword, and Jensen hates it, but he ignores him, because that’s what Jared said he wanted it. It’s only a few minutes later, when Jared starts crying and saying things like “Please, Jensen, I forgot, I forgot the other one, Jensen, stop, please, please” that Jensen slams the brakes and unties Jared. Lots of h/c and schmoop and the end if possible!



That Split Second
Summary: A last minute shopping trip puts Jared in danger and leaves his friends and co-stars distraught. Prompt from the wonderful cherry916 for her spn_j2_xmas gift.

(That Split Second)

The Ties That Bind
Summary: The arrival of an over-zealous stunt co-ordinator leads to Jared getting hurt on set but Jared refuses to say anything that could hold up filming. Jensen, however, knows his friend too well and knows something is wrong and he is anything but happy.

(The Ties That Bind)

Character Bleed and Bad Choices
Summary: From the Prompt: Non-au but Jensen and Jared in an established relationship. Jensen comes home from a day filming Mark of Cain scenes to find Jared relaxing in bed, lightly tied as a regular kink/tease. Jensen gets carried away and Jared panics but Jensen keeps going. Rough sex, fear, guilt, aftermath and some h/c between them.

(Character Bleed and Bad Choices)
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